Keep an Eye on three Web Technologies

Anyone with a presence on the internet should take an active interest in the latest web technologies if they want to stay current and on top of the trends. Here are three technologies to focus on.


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Mobile optimisation

In the past, getting your website optimised for mobile use was considered an option you could choose to take or not. These days, the choice is simple. If you don’t prioritise your site for mobile use, you risk being left behind your competitors. According to The Huffington Post, more people are using mobile devices for every task that used to be only possible on desktop.

If you want to capture audiences, you need to respond to the proliferation of mobile use with a mobile-ready site.  This kind of site will need to make sure you have quality images with your logo and contact information.  A lot of people don’t know that you can have an alt text behind your image so google can read it.  A Branding Agency Gloucestershire can help you choose these images and will be on the other end of the phone.
Content Management

Content management systems have evolved, and now there is much more scope for systems that users themselves can easily manage. If a business needs to make changes, such as adding text, images or video content, today’s content management systems enable users without any technical skills to manage their own site. Additionally, these systems make it much simpler for customisation, so systems can be developed that work specifically for the needs of the individual user.

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Intuitive Design

Forward-thinking web experts have been talking about intuitive design for some time, and this key buzzword continues to take precedence in web technology circles. Google has also fuelled the trend for intuitive design with the release of its Google Material Design. This emphasises the use of bold and specific colour choices, while promoting the idea of using lighting and motion to imitate real life situations. Incorporating three-dimensional concepts into design work is also the focus of Google Material Design.

Why is this intuitive design considered so important as an up-and-coming web technology trend? Experts reckon these elements can all help to create an engaging and interactive, natural user experience.

Whether you’re a business owner or web development agency, keeping your eye on these latest web technology trends can prove beneficial to anyone with any interest or presence on the internet. As technologies continue to evolve, other trends are likely to emerge to work alongside these current favourites.